Kroum VS Instruments manufactures a set of two instruments (the KMAG4 Magnetometer Counter and the KANA8 Analog Module), used in airborne geophysical exploration, and the SDAS1 data logging software. The KMAG4 and KANA8 data have a precise time tag and can be merged with any other data, having a time tag, even if they are recorded by other equipment. KMAG4 and KANA8 can be easily integrated in any data acquisition system if necessary. Finally, the last but certainly not the least important feature of all Kroum VS Instruments is the price. The excellent price provides the opportunity to have a complete set of spares. Having spares guarantees not only against problems with the instruments themselves, but greatly reduces the time for debugging problems with the other equipment. Replacing an instrument with the spare one in case of a problem, can tell right away if the problem is in the instrument or somewhere else. The instruments themselves are extremely reliable. They are successfully used in airborne surveys for years, not only in North America, but in South America, Africa, Asia, Australia and Europe as well.

KMAG4 is our most widely used instrument. More than 20 companies from Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, India, Mexico, Norway, South Africa and USA are using it for geophysical explorations and UXO detection. The instrument success due to its unique resolution, high sample rate and flexibility.

Records all the incoming through the RS232 port data, and displays up to 4 charts from KMAG4 and KANA8 output records in real time.


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