SDAS1 – Data Logging Software

[ SDAS-1 Display ]

SDAS1 software was developed in 2004 for iPAQ Pocket PC. Currently people use it on rugged field hand-held devices like Juniper Systems Archer and Trimble Recon, running Windows Mobile 5.0 software.

SDAS1 records all the incoming through the RS232 port data, but displays only data from the KMAG4 and KANA8 output records. Up to 4 charts can be displayed. Requires just minutes learning time. SDAS1 can be used as magnetic base station also, with KMAG4 and a GPS unit. It is now available for free download. Different SDAS1 screens and explanations are shown below.

  1. Touch “Start” from the screen below!

    [ Windows Start Screen ]

  2. Touch the SDAS1 icon from the Start menu to activate the program!

    [ Windows Start Menu ]

  3. Below is the initial SDAS1 screen. Touch “Tools”!

    [ SDAS1 Window ]

  4. Below is the “Tools” menu. Three are the available options: Exit the program, start it and change the settings.

    [ Tools Menu ]

  5. Below are two “Configuration” screens. No chart is selected for display on the top one and all charts are selected on the bottom one. It allows setting the Baud rate, the horizontal scale and up to 4 charts. The number of charts displayed depends on how many of the boxes Graph 1, Graph 2, Graph 3 and Graph 4 are checked.

    [ Configuration Dialog 1 ] [ Configuration Dialog 2 ]

  6. Below is the screen when “Start” was selected from the “Tools” menu. It becomes black in this case. KMAG wasn’t connected however and no charts could be seen.

    [ Started - No Data ]

  7. Below are examples of screens containing 1, 2, 3 and 4 charts.

    [ One Chart ] [ Two Charts ] [ Three Charts ] [ Four Charts ]

    The following settings are available for each chart:
    • Rec: It selects the string identifier. The choice is between $KMAG4 and $KANA8.
    • Fld: Selects the field to be displayed. Field n is the value after the n-th comma of the output record.
    • Label: It appears above the chart and identifies the signal being displayed. There is a choice between predefined labels, but the user can define its own labels also.
    • VScale: The scale 1000 on the example means 0.1nT if a signal from KMAG4 is displayed, because KMAG4 readings are in tenth of picoTesla.
  8. The screen below shows the message that SDAS1 issues if started without a memory card inserted.

    [ No Storage Card Message ]

  9. If a memory card was inserted, the “Tools” menu enables the option “Logging” as can be seen from the screen below.

    [ Logging Menu Item ]

  10. If the option “Logging” is selected, the charts become green as can be seen from the screen below. The green color indicates SDAS1 is recording data.

    [ Logging Graph Color ]

  11. The program must be stopped before pooling out the memory card. The screen below shows how the “Tools” menu looks like in this case.

    [ Stop Menu Item ]


Disclaimer: The following software is provided "as is" without warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied, including, but not limited to, the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. The entire risk of using it is with you.

Kroum VS Instruments no longer provides support for this product version.

If you agree with the disclaimer you may download:

Installation sequence

  1. Unzip to a temporary location;
  2. Write to a memory card;
  3. Insert the memory card into the device;
  4. Locate the memory card from File Explorer and click on;
  5. Follow the instructions on the screen;
  6. You will probably see a warning like the following, on the screen at the end of the installation: "The program you have installed may not display properly because it was designed for a previous version of Windows Mobile software". Ignore the warning by clicking OK.